Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wedding Shoes Types

Many brides-to-be like to choose one specific pair of shoes that catch their eyes, but they might not seem so appealing after hours standing in a church and some brides may suffer from pain. All of these result from the uncomforting of the shoes, so we can see how vital a right pair of wedding shoes are. Before to get married, know the types of shoes is a must.

Flats - There are some gorgeous flat shoes designed specifically for weddings now so you should look into the possibility of buying them because they do tend to be the most comfortable

Stilettos - If you are one of those few women that always wear stilettos and feel comfortable in them then go for it; but if you are not then you may want to consider either buying them months in advance to wear and adapt them

Court Shoes - Court shoes tend to be comfortable because they enclose the foot and yet look classy as well. They often need some wearing in but are suitable and comfortable for wearing all day.

Sandals - This encompasses a wide range and several types of wedding shoes. They tend to be pretty, decorative and affordable but may not be comfortable, depending on the straps and the height of the heel. As such, you should try them out for a few steps when weighing up whether you could wear them all day or not.

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