Monday, November 26, 2012

Best Gifts for His Men

1. Buy something you wish you had but never own. Such as a velvet smoking jacket or a hand-carved pipe. But remember that don’t buy something too outrageous or they will never use it.

2. Go for guy things. A silver or leather flask is an all-time groomsman gifts: classic yet practical.

3. Avoid gifts that are excessively flamboyant, ridiculously cheap or something boring.

4. The best way to ensure your gift has that personal touch is to add a monogram. A well-placed set of initials can spice up even the most ordinary wallet, cigar case or cuff link.

5. If you’ve got a groomsman whose idea of fun involves training for that next triathlon, perhaps a mini membership to a gym or a few hours with a personal trainer would suit him. And of course, a ticket to a sporting event is usually a hit.

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