Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Colorful Wedding Shoes

Wedding dresses are no longer white, so do the wedding shoes. Brides tend to choose colorful wedding shoes rather than white or ivory bridal shoes. If you are the kind of brides seeking for something new on your wedding, try colorful wedding shoes. The following are tips

Tip #1:  Think about your wedding theme color and match your shoes with it.  Many brides now also have their wedding shoes match the bridesmaid dresses. It will provide great contrast in wedding pictures if the shoes stand out a little bit. When choosing which color, also look at the colors of the flower. It is funny to have a bright colored shoe to match the bouquet or bridesmaid bouquet flowers.

Tip #2:  Consider using blue wedding shoes as your something blue. Just like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, blue wedding shoes are definitely a hot trend. Many brides use these blue wedding shoes as their something blue. If you are going to go with blue, consider a royal blue or a pale blue. Both colors are gorgeous and elegant, but also understated enough to go with the dress.

Tip #3:  Look in regular shoe stores for your bright colored bridal shoes.  If you want a non-traditional color, then it is almost easier to shop for since you are not confined to bridal stores. Some of the upscale designers have great colors as do many of the latest trendy shoe designers. The beauty of not going with white or ivory is that you have many more shoe stores to shop at.

Tip #4:  If you are not satisfied with the colors available, consider buying dyeable bridal shoes. Dyeable bridal shoes are really easy to work with and they usually come in different styles and some even have rhinestones on the toes. If you do not know how to dye them, take them to a shoe store which will dye them for you. If you are doing this yourself, make sure you buy the right color and you see the color outside in natural light. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

To Be A Good Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids are usually the bride’s good friend, sister or relations. And there are certainly accesses to be a successful bridesmaid.
What you should do:

1. Buy your bridesmaid dress, shoes, and any other accessories. The bride will buy the dress but at the end of the day you will be the one wearing it and therefore the accessories you wear should come out of your pocket.
2. The final weeks of the wedding can be really stressful for the bride, be supportive and an emotional ‘rock’ to ensure that the bride feels secure and not like everything is about to fall apart around them.
3. Offer to help the bride as much as you can. If she needs someone to run errands, then volunteer. Stuffing invites is a boring job but it needs doing.
4. It is your duty as a bridesmaid to help plan, cohost, and pay for the bridal shower and bachelor party. The bride is only going to be married once, help send her off in style.
5. Anything wedding related you need to attend – the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. You play a vital role in the wedding as a bridesmaid so you need to be there.
6. Purchase or go in on group gifts. In addition to a wedding present, you will most likely give gifts at the engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette festivities.
7. Be there for the bride on the wedding day. Of course you should have a good time, but don’t sneak off on your own in case the bride needs you. The wedding day is about the bride and ONLY the bride.
8. Help the bride get ready before the wedding, and offer to hold on to her makeup bag for touch ups throughout the day. As I said in the previous point the wedding is about the bride.
9. Smile, be polite. Answer any questions that are asked of you. If you don’t know the answer then find out. People know the bridesmaids will know what is going on and so they will automatically come to you. Do not be rude to the bride’s guests.
10. Instigate a packed dance floor at the reception – the guests will take cues from the wedding party. If the guests see you dancing then they will want to as well!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pearl Bridal Bracelet Is A Must

From invitations to the flowers, and from the groomsmen tuxes to their own bridal jewelry, a bride should everything she’s dreamed of since her childhood. And luckily enough, this dream has finally come true. While during all the preparation of bridal jewelries, pearl bracelets are a must for the following reasons.

First of all, pearls have always been the traditional piece of wedding jewelry. Pearl necklaces, earrings, and bracelets make up fifty percent of bridal store sales and are the perfect complement for the typical white or cream colored wedding dress.

Second, wedding dresses are usually sleeveless; bracelets are a must for a bride. Even if the bride decided to wear a necklace and earrings, she can't overdue herself by adding in a pearl bracelet. Pearls come in all kinds of different sizes such as 6, 8, and even 10 mm and also come in different colors too such as cream, white, creamrose, and even light creamrose. Pearls are very affordable too, whether they are rea akoya or manufactured Swarovski pearls.

The last but not the least, no matter what kind or color of pearls that you choose for your pearl bracelets, pearl bracelets for brides will enhance any brides wedding and bridal attire. The fall and winter months are approaching and they are the most popular months for brides to wear their pearl bridal bracelets. Matched beautifully with a pearl necklace and earrings and everyone will be looking at you all day. Your dream wedding will have come true!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bridal Lingerie Essentials

Brides may be puzzled by one problem for a long time, what to wear on your wedding night? Get something you absolutely love to change into before bed- with a bit of luck, you will surprise your husband. Here is a guide to the best bridal underwear to impress on your wedding night.

1. Stockings and suspenders
What is it about stockings and suspenders? Perhaps it's the trussed-up quality, or the sheer decadent impracticality of the things, but nothing does more to make a normal set of underwear hot than adding stockings and a suspender belt on top. Go for minimal styles in black or white and make the stockings silk for that extra touch of luxe.
2. Corsets
Corsets accentuate and create jaw-dropping curves, making them absolutely guaranteed to knock your man's socks off on your wedding night. A great corset is an investment piece, so get properly measured up for yours so it fits you like a glove. Popular wedding styles go down the typically white, laced-up Rapunzel route, but if your tastes are a bit more Wicked Queen then you can go mad with color, patterns, lace, cut-out panels and feather trims...
3. French lingerie
Fans of frills, frou-frou and fantastic frippery rejoice: French lingerie is all you need to look seriously hot on your wedding night. This is pretty much a byword for underwear embellished for saucy effect - go for knickers tied at each side in extravagant silk bows, sheer half-cup bras, baby doll slips and lace-trimmed bisques in whites and pastels. Basically, anything that transforms your wedding-night bedroom into a fantasy boudoir.
4. Accessories: garters, playsuits and nipple pasties
So you've got your underwear basics down, but think you could do with a few sexy extras? Time to accessorize. No burlesque-style striptease is complete without nipple pasties, and you can play up to wedding-night traditions by picking out beautiful garters to match your other undies. Consider a playsuit, too: as skimpy all-in-one pieces, they're bound to hot things up.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Get A Healthy Bridal Glow

In order to give your and yourself a healthy glow, you need to take care of your skin on a regular basis. And the earlier you start; you have a much better chance to have dewy skin. Does this spark an idea? Here are some instructions.

1. Wash your face with yogurt or buttermilk. Both contain lactic acid but are gentle to the skin because of their fat content. The lactic acid sloughs off the top layer of skin, allowing the skin to renew itself. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
2. Make an exfoliating scrub of 1 part dry oatmeal and 2 parts cool water. Apply the scrub with your fingers and massage all over the face; rinse off with lukewarm water. Exfoliation deep-cleans and removes more dead skin from the surface, while the scrub massages the skin and brings more blood to the surface for a naturally rosy look.
3. Apply lemon juice to the face with a cotton ball. The lemon juice acts like a toner, restoring the skin's pH balance and removing any traces of cleanser or scrub while cutting down on excess oil.
4. Apply a moisturizer. The oils in the moisturizer help the skin to hold on its water content for soft, supple skin.