Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fresh style, the new trend of spring costumes (1)

There are various styles of clothes in your closet. Yet, you still have the trouble to choose a proper outfit. Do you often confront this kind of trouble? You leave your room with no satisfaction after you have tried on many clothes.

The combinations of spring costumes are not as difficult as you may think. The theme of this spring is fresh style. In the next following posts, I will give you some examples of the fresh style spring costumes.

Basically the color of fresh style costumes is similar to the color of ice-creams. Let’s take this set of clothes as an example. 

The cream green captures many girls’ hearts at their first sight. This kind of green makes the clothes like a spoon of sweet and smooth cream. The cream green can well light the color of your skin and make you younger.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to stand on your wedding (2)

Elegant gestures will definitely add point on the beauty of the bride. The standing posture of bride is one of the gestures which the bride should pay attention to. In today’s post, I want to talk some wrong standing postures for all brides-to-be.

Don’t bring tiredness to your wedding. The bride will look less charming if she carelessly grabs the bouquet when she is standing there.

If the bride doesn’t pull the stomachs in when she holds her heads up, the focus of the body will move backward. This posture is terrible for the bride. What’s more, it will easily let the bride feel tired if she stands for a long time.

When the bride is holding the bouquet, she should bend her arms naturally, neither too loose or too tight.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to stand on your wedding (1)

Posture of a bride is another invisible decoration for her charm. During the wedding, the bride may need to stand for a lot of occasions. Most important occasion is the stand when the bride is taking the vow.

On the wedding occasion, please notice how you sit, how you stand, how you use you hands and legs, what you do while talking to someone.

The proper way of stand needs you to straight you back, tighten your stomach and throw out the chest. The key of proper standing posture is to keep your eyes looking straight.

Don’t hold your arms too close. Nether do you keep your feet straight and together. Try to be nature and comfortable as you can. You feet should be separated a little as 15 degree to 45 degree angle. Then you can beautifully show the outline of your bridal gown.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The unique wool bridal dress

Wow, do you know that wedding dress can be made by wool? And what will that dress look like?

I find this interesting news on the internet. According to the report of the U.K news paper, Daily Telegraph, a bride named Louise Fairburn, a shepherdess from Lincolnshire in British, made a piece of special wedding dress l.
photo from

That dress is quite different than any other dresses. It is made by wool. It is said that the ingenuity bride choose a rare kind of wool, which called Olivia sheep, to make her wool wedding dress.

The special wool bridal dress is worth about 1500 pounds. It cost Louise more than 67 hours. She said that she was inspired from dresses which made of carpets. Therefore, why not make a dress from the wool?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Blacklist of Gifts for Your Wife B

Choosing presents involves lots of tricks. Especially, the one for your wife. Continuing the topic of last post, today I will give you the rest of the black list of gifts which your wife may don’t like.

1.      Do not consider house cleaning stuffs

Believe me, any commercial goods which are used to clean the house, clothing or kitchen will never win a slice of smile from your wife. House cleaning gifts mean that you are expecting your wife to do more house works.

2.      Never by things which about losing weight as a present

Do consider the presents which are used to lose weight. This is because they will make your wife think that she is fat and lazy.

3.      Last, too expensive one is not proper

“Do you really think that we are rich enough to waste the money?” You may not want hear this from your wife after she finds out that you spend a big budget on the present.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Blacklist of Gifts for Your Wife A

Every married man may feel suffered when choosing a gift for his wife, because most of the men can’t figure out how to choose a gift for his wife. Choosing presents involves lots of tricks. Here I may impossible to tell you what you should buy. However, I can give you a blacklist which reminds you what kind of gift that your wife may not want or like. 

1.      Say no to the digital products
The various digital products may be very fashion to men. However, not all the women like the gift with a plug. Any electric stuff may seem like an ironic of her incapability of technology.  

2.      Never consider clothes with different sizes
You can only be correct for choosing a right size at most one time after you have tried 1,000 times. And you will trigger you wife to be mad at you 999 times. If you choose a larger size dress for you wife, she may think you are not care about her. On the contrary, a small size cloth may let your wife be anger too. So do you really want to take a high risk to buy a present may lead you and your wife into a quarrel?