Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fresh style, the new trend of spring costumes (1)

There are various styles of clothes in your closet. Yet, you still have the trouble to choose a proper outfit. Do you often confront this kind of trouble? You leave your room with no satisfaction after you have tried on many clothes.

The combinations of spring costumes are not as difficult as you may think. The theme of this spring is fresh style. In the next following posts, I will give you some examples of the fresh style spring costumes.

Basically the color of fresh style costumes is similar to the color of ice-creams. Let’s take this set of clothes as an example. 

The cream green captures many girls’ hearts at their first sight. This kind of green makes the clothes like a spoon of sweet and smooth cream. The cream green can well light the color of your skin and make you younger.

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