Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Blacklist of Gifts for Your Wife A

Every married man may feel suffered when choosing a gift for his wife, because most of the men can’t figure out how to choose a gift for his wife. Choosing presents involves lots of tricks. Here I may impossible to tell you what you should buy. However, I can give you a blacklist which reminds you what kind of gift that your wife may not want or like. 

1.      Say no to the digital products
The various digital products may be very fashion to men. However, not all the women like the gift with a plug. Any electric stuff may seem like an ironic of her incapability of technology.  

2.      Never consider clothes with different sizes
You can only be correct for choosing a right size at most one time after you have tried 1,000 times. And you will trigger you wife to be mad at you 999 times. If you choose a larger size dress for you wife, she may think you are not care about her. On the contrary, a small size cloth may let your wife be anger too. So do you really want to take a high risk to buy a present may lead you and your wife into a quarrel?

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