Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Blacklist of Gifts for Your Wife B

Choosing presents involves lots of tricks. Especially, the one for your wife. Continuing the topic of last post, today I will give you the rest of the black list of gifts which your wife may don’t like.

1.      Do not consider house cleaning stuffs

Believe me, any commercial goods which are used to clean the house, clothing or kitchen will never win a slice of smile from your wife. House cleaning gifts mean that you are expecting your wife to do more house works.

2.      Never by things which about losing weight as a present

Do consider the presents which are used to lose weight. This is because they will make your wife think that she is fat and lazy.

3.      Last, too expensive one is not proper

“Do you really think that we are rich enough to waste the money?” You may not want hear this from your wife after she finds out that you spend a big budget on the present.

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