Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Awesome Honeymoon Tips for Brides

To have a perfect honeymoon, read our top honeymoon tips for a successful dream break.
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honeymoon tips
1. Location
The honeymoon destination needs to work for both of you, so the most important honeymoon tips is to choose where you go together. Make a list of ideal, dream destinations separately and then see if any of your ideas match.

2. Let an expert help you
It’s a once in a lifetime holiday you’re planning, so a travel agent or a consultant might be worthwhile. For example, if you’re struggling with co-ordinating flight and hotel bookings with excursions and honeymoon activities, get professional advice to take some of the pressure off.

3. Eat well, drink well and don’t feel guilty about it
Sample local cuisine, eat the luxury truffles and pastries and drink the champagne without guilt – it’s your honeymoon.

4. Take lots of photographs
Ask other people to take photographs of you together – you’ll cherish these when you look back on your honeymoon together.

5. Tell everyone you’re on your honeymoon
Tell everyone you’re on honeymoon – you’re allowed to be proud of each other and you never know what extra luxuries you might get as a result, you could enjoy provide free champagne, food or other exclusive treats and discounts.

6. Forget about everyone and everything at home
Just for once, forget about family, friends and work back at home. This is about the two of you and your new life together.

7. Don’t let sunburn spoil things
Remember your suncream. Sunburn can mean being touched is agonizing. Is that what you want on your honeymoon?

8. Allow some time back at home before you go back to work
If it’s possible, allow a few days to readjust when you get back home from honeymoon. If you have to go back to work straight away, your luxury break might seem like a distant memory all too soon.

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