Friday, January 11, 2013

Bridal Feather Headpiece

It has been a trend for feather been used as a statement for bridal accessory. Feathers are in popularity and favored by top accessories designers. More and more brides, especially those who are seeking for individuality, feather is what they need desperately.

Feathers have a whimsical look, but can also be very modern, making them one of the most versatile bridal accessories out there. They are available in colors. The peacock feather is super popular right now thanks to the vintage look, bohemian look and Greek-goddess look.

Feathers can be found in an array of accessories. Bridal combs are by far the most popular. The comb is used as a statement headpiece and the attached feather can be very simple or be very bold. Small or large, embellished with beads or be plain and fanciful is by personal preference. Always consider the wedding dress when choosing a feather hair accessory. If your wedding dress has tons of detailing, you might want to go for a smaller-style feather comb. If your dress is simple, take the opportunity to make your look really pop with something more bold and colorful.

The best thing about feather accessories is that they are very affordable. Also, DIY brides love feathers because they are so accessible and easy to work with. Have fun with this great trend… it is definitely here to stay.

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