Thursday, September 20, 2012

Long Standing Wedding Tradition- Bridal Garter

Wedding garter is involved in those long-standing wedding traditions. Usually, the groom tosses the garter at the reception and the bachelors try to catch it. The garter toss usually takes place after the bridal bouquet toss, and both tosses will likely happen toward the end of the reception.

Traditionally, witnesses would accompany the newly married couple to the bridal chambers to ensure consummation. The wedding garter being retrieved from the bride served as proof to the other guests that consummation took place. The garter was then tossed into the sea of people.
Today, the bride sometimes is seated in the center of the dance floor for the garter toss. Consider placing the garter right above the knee, so when the groom reaches for it, the bride can remain as modest as possible. The bachelors gather around, and the groom tosses the garter for them to try to catch.
Let's Dance
After the wedding garter is caught, it is placed on the leg of the guest who caught the bridal bouquet in the bouquet toss. Then the two winners of the tosses may dance together.
One to Keep
Brides may consider wearing two garters, one to keep as a souvenir and one for the groom to toss.

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