Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Its Color That Counts

Besides the bridal gown, there is another eye-catching on the wedding-stylish bridesmaid dresses. Nowadays, the choices of bridesmaid dresses are really too many, and each couple have their own understanding. But color is the element you could never avoid. Today, we are going to see each color in detail.

Outgoing couples that are full of positive energy will prefer yellow. It is a color that is bright and optimistic, and confident for a happy future. Their wedding is usually energetic and filled with entertainment and music. This is often seen in spring weddings because it symbolizes a new beginning.

Red is the representative of passion. Couples choose red have accepted danger as part of life, and embraces it in marriage. Their wedding will be untraditional- they make all their own rules and are not afraid to break them. This is the wedding everyone wants to be invited too.

Purple is a traditional choice as purple is a very romantic and feminine color. This couple considers their love to be precious and one that will withstand the test of time. They view each other as unique and extremely special, so purple bridesmaid dress shows that chivalry is not dead.

Stable and hopeful, this is the understanding of green. Green is great for an outdoor wedding, as the outdoors denotes new beginnings and growth. Green stands for a future filled with balance and stability, and typically reveals a modern sensibility.

Blue represents loyalty, honesty, and faithfulness. For the calm and conservative couple, who bent on showing the world the genuinely simple love they share, blue is a wise choice. Blue also conveys importance and confidence.

Black is for the resilient and creative couple who embraces their unknown and mysterious future. Black bridesmaid dresses convey elegance and sophistication, especially at a formal event like a wedding. However, the color holds conflicting connotations for the occasion, creating a sexy and unconventional play between love and intrigue.

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