Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bridal Lingerie Essentials

Brides may be puzzled by one problem for a long time, what to wear on your wedding night? Get something you absolutely love to change into before bed- with a bit of luck, you will surprise your husband. Here is a guide to the best bridal underwear to impress on your wedding night.

1. Stockings and suspenders
What is it about stockings and suspenders? Perhaps it's the trussed-up quality, or the sheer decadent impracticality of the things, but nothing does more to make a normal set of underwear hot than adding stockings and a suspender belt on top. Go for minimal styles in black or white and make the stockings silk for that extra touch of luxe.
2. Corsets
Corsets accentuate and create jaw-dropping curves, making them absolutely guaranteed to knock your man's socks off on your wedding night. A great corset is an investment piece, so get properly measured up for yours so it fits you like a glove. Popular wedding styles go down the typically white, laced-up Rapunzel route, but if your tastes are a bit more Wicked Queen then you can go mad with color, patterns, lace, cut-out panels and feather trims...
3. French lingerie
Fans of frills, frou-frou and fantastic frippery rejoice: French lingerie is all you need to look seriously hot on your wedding night. This is pretty much a byword for underwear embellished for saucy effect - go for knickers tied at each side in extravagant silk bows, sheer half-cup bras, baby doll slips and lace-trimmed bisques in whites and pastels. Basically, anything that transforms your wedding-night bedroom into a fantasy boudoir.
4. Accessories: garters, playsuits and nipple pasties
So you've got your underwear basics down, but think you could do with a few sexy extras? Time to accessorize. No burlesque-style striptease is complete without nipple pasties, and you can play up to wedding-night traditions by picking out beautiful garters to match your other undies. Consider a playsuit, too: as skimpy all-in-one pieces, they're bound to hot things up.

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