Monday, June 4, 2012

What Kind of Bride You Are 2

Different flowers have different flower language. They can be the symbol of bride’s personality. For example, red roses mean strong and deep love with passion. The language of lily is purity and virtue. Purple of violet is the symbol of elegant and leisure……

What kind of flower are you?  Last week, I have listed two kinds of brides. Here are three more types of brides. I hope you can find your type and make your wedding more excellent. :)

Type3.Natural Bride

Girls who prefer natural things are usually very casual and kind. Mixed flowers can be this kind of brides’ bouquets. Natural brides love the life and nature. Picking flowers from the garden can be their ideal flower style.

Type4. Traditional Bride

Traditional bride cares about honesty, family bound and elegance. Therefore, this kind of girls prefers to use flowers to illustrate her classic sense of style.  Long stemmed Lilies and Roses are popular choices for larger bouquets. Carnations and Chrysanthemums are often seen in table arrangements of this person.

Type5. Fashion Bride

Fashion bride always have the sensitive sense of fashion trend. “Vogue style” can be the theme of fashion brides’ wedding. When it comes to this kind of bride’s wedding flowers, Anthiriums, Bird of Paradise Flowers, Heliconia, Amaranthus and Orchids are all popular choice with these brides.

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