Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Kind of Bride You Are 1

In my last post said, different flowers have different flower language. They can be the symbol of bride’s personality. For example, red roses mean strong and deep love with passion. The language of lily is purity and virtue. Purple of violet is the symbol of elegant and leisure……

So what kind of flower are you?  Today, I will list few types which you may find your style.

Type1. Artistic bride

Brides with the artistic personality are always creative. Sometimes, they come up with special ideas or make crazy decisions. The artistic brides love tourism, music, literature and something like this. In fact, this kind of women is very attractive to men. When it comes to the artistic women’s wedding, the wedding flowers must be special. If you are this type of bride, I suggest you consider flowers with special colors or special design. For instance, Orchids, Lisianthus, Calla Lily and so on.

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Type2. Romantic bride

Girls who are romantic often dream of having a fairy tale style wedding. “Fancy” is the keyword of this kind of women’s weddings. Flowers are the best item to create the romantic feeling. If you are romantic person, you will be happy to see lots of flowers on your big day. What’s more, bouquets which decorated with delicate lace or ribbons are the ideal bouquets for romantic brides.

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