Monday, December 17, 2012

Wedding Fragrance Tips

After you are obsessing about the dress, the seating plan and the best man's speech, never forget to think about how you smell. You might find yourself being primarily concerned with looks, sounds and even tastes, next you should consider how well-selected fragrance will create vivid memories for your day.
Fragrances are used to create a memory and doesn't have be simply applied to the bride and the bridesmaid, consider scent hymn sheets, thank you cards, or any other paperwork.
Some brides may select fragrance that they usually wear, but some are not, they are more adventurous. For those who are adventurous, add one to each wrist, and add additional samples to scent cards. Give it some time - Go shopping and continue to smell your wrists and the cards to see what happens to the perfumes over the course of a day.

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