Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Those Unique Bridal Headpieces

What’s your feeling about bridal accessories? Do you still think bridal accessories are limited in those traditional veils, tiaras or necklaces? It is a growing trend that designers put more and more emphasis on the update of bridal accessories. Today, we have listed several latest bridal headpiece accessories, you’ll be amazed at how pretty they look.
1. Color coordinate with a Bright Colored Veil 
This first one is a bit of a wildcard, but so many brides go for bright shoes, why not go for a gorgeous bright colored veil instead? This one is killer cool.
2. Totally Modern Lace Veil
You’ve got to be daring to wear this one, but I love how its modern and somehow references the traditional as well. The gorgeous lace trim is to die for.
3. Gorgeous Bohemian Lace Veil Cap.

Pretty much the cream of the wedding veil and headpiece crop, Twigs and Honey get it right every single time.

4. Amazingness

There are literally too many to choose from when it comes to this amazing Australian designer’s shop. I love the use of gold, sequins and lace that add a totally new layer of glamour.
5. Go for Gold

Featured many a time on OMG already, this Swedish designer adds a totally beautiful twist on lace by covering it in a gold mist.

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